Skincare Science On October 31, 2016

Does Diet Affect Acne?

Currently there is no scientific evidence that can directly link Acne and Diet. There are some studies that have been done on glycemic load levels & acne, however the pathogenesis of acne is still unknown. It’s been noted that areas of the world that follow a more plant based (or vegan diet) have noticeably less cases of acne. Foods that…

Beauty Myths On October 31, 2016

Do Guys Need to Use Special Products Designed for Men?

It’s been around forever, companies often come out with a “For Mens” line – and it’s a total gimmick. Products that cleanse, exfoliant and protect the skin will work the same was on men as they do on women. In terms of skincare, there is no difference between womens and mens products. Why ‘for Mens’ Products Are Usually Not Good…

Skincare Science On October 31, 2016

Does Drinking Green Tea Help Acne?

Plant extracts are widely used in wound-healing, anti-aging and disease treatments. I’m sure you’ve heard of all of the great benefits of green tea such as: improving focus, boosting metabolism and lowering risk of diabetes. This somewhat of a miracle plant seems to do it all. But does drinking green tea help acne? Properties of Green Tea Green tea, characterized by it’s…

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