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#2: Read These Pages First

When it comes to skincare, most people don’t understand how important it is to use products designed for their skin type. Good products are formulated specifically for certain skin types, and work significantly better when used on the skin type they were designed for.

Knowledge is power: Determining Your Skin Type

Now that you recognized what your skin type is, you’re probably ready to start buying products that were designed to help you, right? Well not that fast! Next you need to understand a basic skincare routine.

Consistency is key: Skincare Routines

You’ve determined your skin type and you’re now using products that have been specifically formulated for you, congratulations! So you may be asking yourself, ‘when will I see results’? Everyone’s skin is different, but there are ways to determine if a product is working for you.

Patience is golden: How Do I Know If a Product Is Working?

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