Ethique Review – Environmentally and Vegan Friendly Skin and Hair Care

Nowadays, as the awareness about health and wellness is increasing, we constantly try to find products that are good for us all-round. Consumers are on the look out for beauty products that are not just effective but also good for their overall health.

In addition to this, they want the products to be good for the planet too. Finding a complete package like this, without breaking the bank usually seems impossible. But with brands like Ethique it can very well be accomplished.

All About Ethique

Ethique is a New Zealand based company originally started in 2012. It started small with solid shampoos and has now expanded to include conditioners, cleansers, scrubs, moisturizers, household cleaners and a lot more. They take care of all skin and hair types. Ethique has also created off beat products like self-tanning bars and pet shampoos.

Although they cover a variety of products, a common factor among these products is that they are all made with naturally derived, sustainable ingredients. All the products are available online at and they offer worldwide shipping.

Better for Your Health

How does Ethique bars help with your overall health and well-being? For starters, each bar is made of naturally sourced components like cocoa butter, essential oils, sage etc. Also, most of them are preservative-free. Hence, no exposure to harmful chemicals.

Some of the bars have a small amount of 100% safe and eco-friendly preservatives in them to prevent the breeding of bacteria. They cater to different skin types and hair types, hence there is a suitable product for each of us.

Ethique and the Environment

As we mentioned earlier, all of Ethique’s products are made from natural ingredients. Also, the bars come in a completely biodegradable packaging. Even the wrappers are dissolvable and do not leave a trace. They don’t use any plastic bottles, wrappers or pouches that add to the landfill. That prevents more than 8000 bottles going to the landfill per consumer.

Furthermore, all the natural ingredients used to manufacture the bars are obtained by means that do not negatively impact the sources. None of their products are tested on animals and they regularly donate some of their profits to animal charities. Lastly, Ethique is certified Carbon Neutral by for all their efforts in saving the environment.

Longer Lasting – Hence Better for the Bank!

The Ethique bars last way longer than salon or drugstore brand products. This is mainly because they are in the solid form instead of liquid suspensions in bottles. They are extremely concentrated. The water is added by the users while using the bars instead of by the manufacturers. This helps the products last 5-6 times longer than others. That in turn means you buy them fewer times and hence save money.

A Look at Ethique’s Top Products

Superstar! - Cleansing Balm and Makeup Remover

Superstar! – Cleansing Balm and Makeup Remover

This 3 in 1 product is truly a Superstar! The multitasker removes makeup, cleanses your skin and gently moisturizes all at the same time. It is also safe for all skin-types. However, those with dry skin will see a greater benefit. Despite its hydrating properties, it does not make your skin greasy/oily. It leaves behind a pleasant natural fragrance. Made of a combination of cocoa butter, coconut oil, castor oil and kokum butter.

The pleasing smell that stays on after using this bar can be attributed to sweet orange essential oil. Easy to use. This almost magical bar is available at a very affordable price!. Like all of the Ethique products, the Superstar is eco-friendly, long lasting and made with natural ingredients.

Customers praise the ease of use, cleansing, hydrating properties and fresh smell of this product.

In Your Face - Face Cleanser for Oily-Normal Skin

In Your Face – Face Cleanser for Oily-Normal Skin

For individuals with oily skin, Ethique has come out with a wonder bar called he In Your Face. This is a facial cleanser mostly recommended for users with oily skin issues like acne, blackheads etc. On use, this bar produces a lather and gently cleanses your skin to prevent further breakouts. While cleansing it soothes irritated skin.

The In Your Face is made with the purest ingredients like Mandarin and sweet orange essential oils, coconut oil, cocoa butter, raspberries and sea salt. It’s the salt content in this product that plays an important role in the gentle cleansing process. The presence of the essential oils helps leave behind a subtle fragrance on your skin. It is readily available for online orders. The coconut oil used in the bar comes from a women’s cooperative in the tropical islands of Samoa.

Being able to do your bit to support these women and their families, along with enjoying this amazing natural product is like icing on the cake!
Customer reviews show that regular users of the In Your Face bar have experienced significant improvement in their acne prone skin.

Glow Solid Deodorant - Lavender & Vanilla

Glow Solid Deodorant – Lavender & Vanilla

The Glow is a deodorant bar suitable for all skin types. It is made without harsh ingredients like baking soda and aluminum that are used in deodorants. Instead, it contains natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, yeast, sage extract with infusions of lavender and vanilla. However, it’s the presence of Bamboo in the Glow deodorant that efficiently absorbs sweat and prevents any breeding of bacteria.

Also, Horsetail and Sage extracts work to significantly reduce perspiration. The Yeast extract prevents bad odor from forming by getting rid of any odor producing bacteria. Aloe Vera as we know it is reputed for its soothing property. The Glow bar is also available in another variety – Spearmint & Lime.

Customers love the effectiveness, subtle fragrance and ease of use of this product. It is long lasting and some users claim to benefit from the effect of a single application all day.