Best Skincare Products to Use While Pregnant

Expecting a child is one of the most magical experiences a woman can undergo during her life. That isn’t to say that this joyful nine months is not without its stresses. On top of preparing for your whole life to change, moms-to-be go through enormous physical changes. It’s important to adjust your skincare routine to account for all the changes you are going through. No need to worry, though; there are plenty of skincare products to use while pregnant.

mommy purifying cleanser can be used by pregnant mothers

A Gentle Cleanser

The one step you can never skip is cleansing. Of all the skincare products to use while pregnant, your cleanser is vital. Cleansing properly gives you a clear foundation, enabling the rest of your products to work. However, pregnancy often comes with sensitive skin, so you may want to switch to a cleanser that’s sulfate and paraben-free—like the VISHA Mommy Purifying Cleanser.

It’s full of gentle ingredients like sodium chloride and glycolic acid that break away pollutants and give your skin a light exfoliation to unclog pores. Gently massage a small amount in the morning and night with wet fingertips and rinse thoroughly with warm water. Remember, the first step to happy skin is clean skin.

visha bump 2 baby products for pregnant women

Body Balm

Body balms are one of the most important skincare products to use while pregnant. Using a body balm is not only a soothing way to relax, but also help prevent or treat unfortunate skin conditions. Choosing a body balm formulated for sensitive skin helps protect your skin while you’re pregnant. The VISHA Bump 2 Baby Balm contains shea butter and essential oils that soothe inflammation and stimulate collagen production.

Not only is it excellent at treating and preventing stretch marks, but it’s great for people who suffer from skin conditions such as eczema as well. Applying just one layer onto the abdomen and massaging for 10-20 minutes once every night keeps your skin smooth.

visha mommy bright eye booster can be used pregnant women

Eye Cream

Pregnancy is full of sleepless nights, stress, and extra hormones. An eye cream such as VISHA Mommy Bright Eye Booster is one of the central skincare products to use while pregnant. The formula in the VISHA eye cream contains REGU-AGE, a patented complex that targets free radicals and protects collagen, reducing wrinkles and puffiness around the eyes. Plus, Emblica Fruit Extract helps lighten dark circles.

Apply morning and night around the eye area in gentle patting motions for bright and youthful eyes—just avoid contact with your eyes or eyelids.

visha mommy brightener is safe for pregnant women

Brightening Treatment

Pregnant women experience high blood flow, which can lead to broken blood vessels that cause unwanted discoloration of the skin. One of the skincare products to use while pregnant should address these weak skin cells, such as the VISHA Mommy Brightener. Spread about two pumps of the Mommy Brightener on the face and neck twice a day—followed by a high SPF sunscreen—to boost your collagen, reduce scarring, and diminish hyperpigmentation.

The Kojic Acid and B-White active ingredients work as whitening agents to give you even, beautiful skin and a pregnancy glow you deserve.

Unfortunately, pregnancy is a free-for-all for the hormones that cause your old adolescent nemesis. Luckily, there are ways to address this before it ever happens. Invest in a bottle of a reliable acne treatment that will help keep pimples and blackheads at bay during your magical nine months. Thankfully, the VISHA Mommy Brightener pulls double duty by acting as a safe acne treatment as well.

This brightener possesses salicylic acid, which acts as a super gentle chemical exfoliator to keep your pores clear. It fights acne beneath the skin by loosening and dissolving sebum, so acne never gets a chance to appear.