Tweezerman Blackhead Skin Care Tool Review 

You know it, and we know it.  There are better ways to remove blackheads than by squeezing them with your fingertips.  There are just too many unwanted results when you pop a zit on your own.  You are much better off using a professional blackhead tool, like the Tweezerman Blackhead Skin Care Tool we are going to tell you about today!

But First..

But first, let’s review why you should keep your hands off your face!  For starters, damage damage damage to your skin.  By squeezing a blackhead, you not only break a protective layer of skin at the zit’s head.  You also put sharp pressure on your skin with your nails causing damage around the blackhead.

You can avoid this with a professional removal tool.  Moving on.  Your body is already working hard to heal at the site of the blackhead, why would you want to cause more trauma?

In addition, you may be bringing new bacteria into the mix if your fingers are not 100% clean.  What a nightmare!  You can also avoid this issue with a sterilized tool.  Not to mention, all of that pinching and pulling directly with your fingers could break capillaries (the tiny blood vessels near the surface of your skin).  This will cause even more unwanted redness around the site of the blackhead.

Not quite what you were going for?  We didn’t think so.

Tweezerman Blackhead Skin Care Tool Review

Using Professional Blackhead Tools

The benefits of using a professional tool like the Tweezerman Blackhead Skin Care Tool don’t end there.  When you squeeze a blackhead, the bacteria that come out could contaminate other surrounding pores.  You can guess what comes next.  More zits.

Additionally, the more you poke and prod at a blemish, the deeper you might push bacteria into your skin.  This leads to a bigger infection and more scarring from the pimple itself.  If you make more cuts into your skin with your nails, those spots can scar too.  You really need to know what you’re doing!  Just like a professional.

Stop Picking! A Better Plan? Tweezerman!

Ok, so what should you do instead?  The simplest choice, which also requires the most self-control, is to just leave that blackhead alone.  It will clear up in a few days.  Keep it clean, and cover it up with a little makeup if you must.

We know, we know.  A few days are a few days too many.  Plus, those darn things always tend to show up when you really want your skin to look its best.  Hence, we are eager to suggest a Tweezerman Blackhead Skin Care Tool.  Keep in mind: before you even think about using this tool, it’s critical to wait until your blackhead or pimple has come to a head.

Make sure you read some instructions or watch a little video so that you know what to do.  You can prep your skin with a hot compress or hot shower, and then you’re ready to get rolling with this awesome device!

 Tweezerman Blackhead Skin Care Tool Review

Tweezerman Blackhead Skin Care Tool Review 

As always, SKINFAQ is thrilled to share new alternatives to poking and prodding your blackheads.  The highly rated Tweezerman Blackhead Skin Care Tool is perfect for you!  You are probably already familiar with the brand, so why not add a new tool to your Tweezerman collection?  This tool makes it easy to gently roll out or press out mature whiteheads and blackheads.

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No Squeezing = Happy Skin

Notice there is no squeezing involved, and we just can’t stress that enough!  This extractor is made from 100% stainless steel, which will prevent corrosion, even as you sterilize with each use.  It’s also just fine for sensitive skin.  The handle has a no-slip grip and ergonomic design, which allow you to control the angle and amount of pressure during use.

You’ll have the utmost precision and avoid damaging your skin. Finally, this product comes at a very affordable price, and with its high quality, it will last for quite some time!

Great Reviews

Any purchaser will tell you there is a huge difference using a Tweezerman Blackhead Skin Care Tool as opposed to your own fingers.  Your delicate skin will thank you!  This device really works, and when using it properly, you can take down those blackheads and pimples without pain.


The Tweezerman will not rust or bend, and it cleans easily (remember to sterilize with alcohol before and after each use).  You can even use the Tweezerman Blackhead Skin Care Tool on hard to reach places like your ears! Best of all, your popped zits will heal faster and scar less when using an Tweezerman Blackhead Skin Care Tool instead of your fingers.

There is really nothing left to debate. 

No More Squeezing Blackheads 

By now, you probably have one foot out the door (or a new tab open in your browser) to go find yourself a Tweezerman Blackhead Skin Care Tool.

We are sure this can be your new go-to when you absolutely must pop that blackhead.  You want to take care of your skin, so don’t let impatience get the better of you.  Take your time, and for Pete’s sake, be professional about it!  A simple tool is all you need to prevent bigger infections and increased scarring.

Seems like a no brainer to us!  Stick with your daily cleansing routine, and when one of those stinkers comes to a head, you can be ready with your Tweezerman Blackhead Skin Care Tool.  If you need a little reminder, put some sticky notes on your mirror.

Whenever you go to squeeze a new blackhead, you’ll have the words “REDNESS” “INFECTION” “MORE BLACKHEADS” “UGLY SCARS” staring you in the face.  You’re old enough to know how to take care of your skin and use the right tools.  It’s time to feel like a professional with the precision of this simple-to-use device.  Happy blackhead removing!