Best Esthetician Blackhead Extractor Review 

We hate to break it to you – and this is probably not new news – it’s time to stop squeezing your pimples.  We assure you that all of the negative consequences far exceed the momentary satisfaction of popping a zit.  Do not despair; we are going to reveal how you can use an esthetician blackhead extractor in place of your pointer fingers.  But first, you need to understand exactly why you should keep your hands off your face! 

Why Use an Esthetician Blackhead Extractor?

For starters, let’s talk about how many ways you’re damaging your skin by squeezing that zit.  You know it’s true.  You not only break the skin at the zit’s head, you also put sharp pressure on your skin with your nails causing damage around the blemish.  Your body is already working hard to heal at the site of the zit, why would you want to cause more trauma?

Plus, you may be introducing new bacteria to the situation if your fingers are not 100% clean.  What a nightmare!  In addition, all of that pushing and pulling could break capillaries (the tiny blood vessels near the surface of your skin), causing even more redness around the site of the pimple.  Seems like the exact opposite of what you intended, right?  Right.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t end there.  When you pop a pimple, the bacteria that come out could contaminate other surrounding pores.  You can guess what comes next.  More zits.  Additionally, the more you poke and prod at a blemish, the deeper you might push bacteria into your skin.  This leads to a bigger infection and more scarring from the pimple itself.  If you make more cuts into your skin with your nails, those spots can scar too.  You really need to know what you’re doing!

Using a Comedone Extractor

Okay, so let’s talk about some better options – specifically blackhead remover tools.  The simplest, yet hardest choice is to just leave that zit alone.  It will clear up in a few days.  Keep it clean, and cover it up with a little makeup if you must.  But we know you just can’t wait, and hence we are eager to suggest an esthetician blackhead extractor.

Keep in mind: before you even think about using this tool, it’s critical to wait until your pimple has come to a head.  Additionally, you must understand that the angle at which you go after a blackhead or pimple is quite important (hence the need for precise tools).

For your zits that are really ready to come out, the appropriate tool could be their new worst nightmare (and your new best friend).  At least we can guarantee that it’s far superior to your fingertips.

Best Esthetician Blackhead Extractor Review

BESTOPE Esthetician Blackhead Extractor

SKINFAQ is excited to help you stop squeezing your zits, and we are thrilled about this #1 selling esthetician blackhead extractor.  With the proper tools, you can go after annoying blemishes the right way, avoiding many of those unwanted results we just discussed.  The BESTOPE beauty toolset is multi-functional to help remove all kinds of acne easily.

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The set includes 5 different tools for different types of acne.  It even includes a sharp needle, which many other extractor sets do not have.  Each piece is coated in antibacterial stainless steel, and the needle is electroplated to prevent corrosion.  These properties make this esthetician blackhead extractor useful even for sensitive skin and minimize the risk of infection.  The handles have a no-slip grip and ergonomic design, which allow you to control the angle and amount of pressure during use.


You’ll have the utmost precision and avoid damaging your skin.  To add to all of these excellent features, the toolset comes in its very own padded case to keep each piece safe and clean.  Included is an easy to follow guide for how and when to use each tool.  You really can’t go wrong, and thousands of glowing reviews say it all.

Blackheads and Pimples Begone

Any purchaser will tell you there is a huge difference using this professional esthetician blackhead extractor as opposed to your own fingers.  Your delicate skin will thank you!  These BESTOPE tools really work, and when using them properly, you can take down those blackheads and pimples without pain.

Useful for Ear Blackheads Too!

The tools do not rust or bend, and they clean easily (remember to sterilize with alcohol before and after each use).  The included diagram and instructions mean you will not spend hours watching videos to figure out what to do.  You can even use the esthetician blackhead extractor on hard to reach places like your ears! Best of all, your popped zits will heal faster and scar less when using an esthetician blackhead extractor instead of your fingers.

Oh, and did we mention you can have all of this for under $20?  There is really nothing left to debate.

 Squeezing schmeezing.

At this point, we hope you are convinced that blackhead remover tools should replace your fingers when you absolutely must pop that zit.  Like most things, popping pimples the right way takes time and the right tools.  You wouldn’t microwave a batch of cookies, right?

That would just be gross.  Just like nasty scrapes and scars on your face.  So, all you need to do is keep up your daily cleansing routine, and gently press and scrap the quick and dirty habit of squeezing.  A little patience will bring you more beautiful skin, and your friends will be wondering how you do it.  You can tell them about your amazing new acne removal technique.

You can share the list of negative consequences you are avoiding by NOT popping zits with your bare hands.  No increased risk of infection, no added redness or fingernail marks, and no broken blood vessels.  It’s time to feel like a professional with expert tools!