Get Rid Of Zits Overnight

Most of us will fight zits at some point in our lives, and unfortunately, not always just in our teenage years. Put simply, a zit forms when one of the pores in your skin can’t handle excess dirt and oil, gets clogged (creating a perfect environment for bacteria), gets infected, and finally becomes inflamed. But you probably know this.. which is why you’re seeking a quick remedy to get rid of zits overnight.

You’re probably aware of various reasons for being more susceptible to zits, and today SKINFAQ is here to discuss how to manage them, particularly those that crop up at the most inconvenient times. With various factors more difficult to control like hormones and genetics, it’s up to you to take as many precautionary measures as possible.

Don’t worry; SKINFAQ also has a couple of awesome products on the docket today that will help to get rid of zits overnight.

How to Get Rid of Zits Overnight – Where to Start?

While there is no magical way to prevent 100% of zits when you are prone to them, there are some simple habits you may follow to minimize the risk. For one, which may sound counter-intuitive, keeping your skin hydrated is very important in preventing zits.

Keep Your Skin Hydrated

When your skin is overly dry, your oil glands actually overcompensate by producing more oil, which will lead to more zits. So, go ahead and moisturize with some non-comedogenic lotion, and as always, drink plenty of water. Again, don’t let your face get too dry by being too harsh on it with lots of scrubbing, just keep it clean.

Change Your Pillowcases

You can also try changing your pillowcase more often, as it’s a sneaky place for bacteria to build up.

Other Tips and Tricks

Additionally, the more pressure on your skin, the more likely zits will form. Thus, avoid prolonged use of your phone directly against your face, and even tight collars or things like helmets are good to avoid as much as possible. We know, we know, so many things to be conscious of, but just trust us.

SKINFAQ is here for you, and finally, like your mother and all of your friends, we will also tell you: NEVER SQUEEZE A ZIT. It might be satisfying, but picking at and squeezing your skin is NOT how to get rid of zits overnight. However, it is a great way to have scars.

So, that brings us to what to do when one of those suckers pops up the night before a big event? Keep reading to learn how to get rid of zits overnight!

How to Get Rid of Zits Overnight

how to get rid of a zit overnight

Nexcare Acne Absorbing Cover

The first great option to get rid of zits overnight is the Nexcare Acne Absorbing Cover, which works hard overnight to relieve zit inflammation. These hydrocolloid bandages, or blister bandages, have properties that allow them to draw out yucky zit fluids, preventing further bacteria growth and promoting healing.

Additionally, with your zit covered, you’ll be less tempted to touch it or squeeze it. With the pad absorbing pus and oil, your zit will be smoother and less noticeable the next day. These covers are naturally so easy to use and users find they even shrink hard, boil-like zits, those kind that never seem to come to a head.

If you happen to have to go out and about while wearing the pad, it’s even not too noticeable! Make sure to use the pads directly on clean skin, and they will stay right in place while you sleep. The pads come in different sizes to suit your needs, and customers just rave about this awesome way to get rid of zits overnight.

Some even consider it life-changing. SKINFAQ thinks you too should see what this product can do; so put your zits to bed with Nexcare Acne Absorbing Covers.

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how to get rid of a zit overnight

Paula’s Choice CLEAR Acne Treatment

We love Paula’s Choice CLEAR Acne Treatment. This ultra-light lotion is formulated with 2.5% benzoyl peroxide and is suitable for treating and preventing moderate zit breakouts. The benzoyl peroxide will go straight to work fighting the ugly inflammation, making this product a great option to get rid of zits overnight.

It reduces excess oil, yet contains soothing plant extracts to hydrate, minimizing dryness and peeling. This gentle lotion is 100% fragrance free and never tested on animals. Paula’s Choice CLEAR Acne Treatment goes on incredibly smooth and clear, and unlike many benzoyl peroxide products, does not leave your skin sticky – you can even wear it under makeup!

Other than putting it to work to get rid of zits overnight, use it daily after cleansing and exfoliating your skin, and you’ll be raving as much as the next satisfied customer! Not only does this product help dry up existing zits and prevent new ones, it also reduces redness and even helps with scarring!

Paula’s Choice users see results immediately with the “best spot treatment ever”, and for many that have searched long and far for an effective way to get rid of zits overnight, they have finally found it. All you need to do is try it out for yourself and discover this “holy grail acne product”.

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The Beginning and Ending of Zits

We hope you are feeling more enthusiastic about that upcoming party than you were before. You now know that when it comes to getting rid of zits overnight, there is a way! As always, SKINFAQ wants to reduce your stress by giving you the best options for your needs.

Not only are the products mentioned today highly effective, they are also highly affordable. Even if your zits seem never-ending, you won’t have to spend a fortune. We strongly recommend you try not only these great products to get rid of zits overnight, but also heed our advice on zit prevention.

Life is good, zits aren’t, but don’t let them win you over. You got this! And even if you don’t, really, have it, let Nexcare and Paula’s Choice take care of your skin when you’re too sleepy and busy with more important things, like deciding what to wear, to worry about it.